About Us

makeupforgirlGirly Junk is inspired by girls who are working from home as a cam models for major studios. Freshout of the college, we took our ambitions to work from home in the beauty industry, and found out that webcams are a great way to expose beauty of girls as we are really good at makeup so we are way ahead and know how to be the most beautiful, we can also help you to achieve that with our articles. We watched all the hot babes dominating the scene with a terrible make up – so we thought to ourselves – we can do way better than that, and decided to try it out. Our makup and customer service skills and all the IT industry knowledge put us in a place where we are now.

At first site was started by me, but now we are 3 person team and working with passion to help other females to get more attention from men in live chat rooms where they show themselves in real-time.
We are always focusing on the most important part, the beauty of girls, makeup plays the major part here, so it’s our job and goal to do our job and the girls on cams do the rest!



Bachelor of Science Degree from Skidmore College, Saratoga Springs, NY
Worked as Counter Manager/ Make-up artist for Elizabeth Arden and Stendahl Cosmetics

Time Management Consultant in Scotland, England, and Silicon Valley, CA

Sales Operations for the IT industry


Bachelor of Science Degree from Emerson College, Boston, MA

Worked in Hollywood as Casting Assistant and Makeup artist.

Temptu Airbrush Makeup certified

Film & Television credits include but are not limited to: Blown Away, Don Juan DeMarco, Larger Than Life, Little Women, Mad City, Ally McBeal and The Practice.


Girly Junk is the winner of the 2007 “A-list Best wedding makeup Artists” sponsored by WBZ-TV

Winner of two awards grated to Makeup artists; prize 2 all expense paid trips to Caribbean.